Your Air

With five stages of air treatment that cleans, sterilizes and deactivates viruses, bacteria and molds.

Whole-home system

The whole-home HEPA air filtration system is installed within your homes existing HVAC system and offers an all-in-one solution for healthy indoor living. Unlike portable air purifiers which can only work in one area at a time, the whole-home system cleans all of the air within your home using UV lights, activated carbon and HEPA filters.

All-in-one System effectively removes

Large particles, lint and hair.

Odor and airborn chemicals.

Trace VOC’s and light gases.

Viruses, bacteria and mold.



Installation 1 – 2 hours

Parts warranty 5 years

Labor warranty 1 year

Total incl. tax $2,257.74


60 months period

Interest rate 9.99%

Total incl. tax $2,257.74

Amort. Period 144 months

No Tax & No Interest for 3 Months

healthy living starts with healthy indoor air